Today’s #FiveMinuteFriday Prompt: Rest

Sunset on St. Simon's Island is always conducive to rest.

Sunset on St. Simon’s Island is always conducive to rest.

Sleep restores our bodies; rest restores our brains and spirits. It’s what we need to re-group, re-ground, and re-start.

I’ve often wondered why God didn’t give our brains an off switch. (No hint of a lie—I even asked a psychologist once if she could help me figure out how to turn myself off.)  For me, rest isn’t just something I can sit down and do, but I can open myself up to it.

Rest comes in those treasured moments when I’m just being—enjoying life and those I love.

Five Minute Friday#FiveMinuteFriday

Every Friday, Lisa-Jo Baker, founder of “Five Minute Friday,” broadcasts a writing prompt, challenging writers to writer for five minutes only. In her words, “It’s not a perfect post, not a profound post, just five minutes of focused writing. “

This is a great writing exercise even if you’re not blogging your treasures (memories). Your spontaneous thoughts on a given subject can reveal your personality, daily life, beliefs, etc. If you are blogging, I encourage you to join in! If you want to connect on Twitter, use the hashtag #FiveMinuteFriday.

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