Follow Friday Friends Whether you’re searching for ancestors, recording your family history, or writing your personal and family stories, friends come in handy. Commrades in arms (or pens or keyboards) will keep you inspired, grand you a fresh perspective and provide an enthusiastic audience for your content. If you haven’t found them right near your home, there are plenty online. That’s why I’m participating in GeneaBloggersFollow Friday.

Follow Friday is a prompt to help spread the word about good genealogy and family history related sites. (Get it? High places = the Cloud) When a Geneabloggerrecommend a site, that side will be added to this Pinterest board. (You might notice there are already quite a few sites to explore there!) Since I’ve already been the beneficiary of many fellow bloggers, I thought I’d share my Follow Friday Friends with a wider audience.

The Ancestor Hunt is my first Follow Friday recommendation. It’s run by Kenneth Marks (aka @Marksology) who’s always directly his fellow family historians to helpful information. It was through Kenneth that I came to know about Follow Friday in the first place. His posts range from helpful research advice and resources to more thought provoking posts.

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