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Our memories connect us to those we love.

These connections are the marrow of our lifetimes, sustaining and nourishing us from within. This life-giving marrow of stories and memories should be shared and passed on–cementing relationships and spring-boarding conversations in the here and now.

“Creating a legacy” sounds hard, but you’re probably already doing it. Every time you share a memory—in a letter, in a post, in a tweet, or in person—you’re forming a legacy. A “Treasure Chest of Memories” is simply a mechanism for collecting, preserving, and sharing the stories of our past, our personalities, and our affection for our loved ones.

Share Your Treasures—Share a Memory

Share a Memory share a treasureThis website is full of ideas, tips, and resources to help you preserve and share your memories. Peruse it at your leisure or use it to construct your own “Treasure Chest of Memories.”

Don’t be a pirate. Share your treasures.

A treasure chest doesn’t have to be kept in secret until the day the horde is handed over to relatives (or they dig it up). A Treasure Chest of Memories is where you store things that warm you and your loved ones on chilly evenings. Your memories are like small coverlets that you lend out as well as big quilts with which you can wrap your loved ones or under which you can snuggle on a cold night.

Just do it! Share a Memory!

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Read more about Treasure Chest of Memories: How to Preserve and Share the Stories of your Life, my upcoming book.

Today’s technology makes it easier than ever to share memories, but navigating the options, figuring out what memories to write about, what format to use, and whether what we write is good enough, can be intimidating. That’s where Treasure Chest of Memories comes in. Treasure Chest of Memories helps you figure out exactly what kind of “chest” you’d like to create, what you want to put in it, how often you want to fill it, and to what extent you want to share its contents. In-depth brainstorming and writing-exercise worksheets and examples accompany each starter topic, stimulating recall and fostering your creativity. Though I discourage perfectionism, some writing advice is thrown in to make sure you’re satisfied with your final product.
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