Dreams come true through a book

I’m on cloud nine, loving watching my dreams come true.

I’m sitting on cloud nine.

Cue the trumpets… Today, May 13, 2014 is the long awaited publish date of Memories of Me: A Complete Guide to Telling and Sharing the Stories of Your Life. Memories-of-Me-Cover

It turns out that clouds are good for your perspective. Though I have butterflies, I’m grateful. I feel blessed.

As my son points out, my goal of writing a book was to share my grandma’s message of connecting with loved ones through stories. I’ve accomplished that. Anything else, at least according to the wisdom of my twenty-year-old, “is gravy.”

I doubt orders for Memories will crash Amazon servers. However, Memories of Me’s publication is an important benchmark for me. Years from now, I’ll remember things as happening “before my first book was published” or “after….”

Heavy stuff, at least for me! Based on this experience—not to mention my view from on high, here’s my version of how dreams come true.

Dreams come true when you don’t dream alone.

My name on a book is a dream come true, but it’s not simply my dream. It’s not even an individual dream. It’s a dream that my friends and family share. (Which is the #1 reason I feel so blessed!)

When are dreams are shared, we work harder and dream bigger.

Inspiration helps make dreams come true

My Grandma and inspiration.

Dreams start with inspiration.

This dream started as an inspiration from my grandmother. I started by emulating my grandmother and writing about my memories. As a result of following her inspiration, I started to dream bigger. I wondered if people would read my writing if I wrote a blog.

Encouragement from family—even acquaintances cause dreams to grow.

Encouragement helped a lot. My sister said, “Write!” My husband agreed. When the idea first surfaced, my boys were “cool” teenagers, which meant, by definition, mom was not. Nevertheless, if they had any, both my boys kept any snarky comments to themselves.

Others help dreams come true

Some of my biggest co-dreamers

Still doubts remained. My husband and sister, were (are) biased. But strangers on WordPress were clicking the “like” button. They were signing up to get notifications of new posts by email. Then one night, volunteering for a homeless shelter, I confessed my dreams to another volunteer, who happened to be an author.

“You should do it,” she said. Her enthusiasm was contagious. The only sure way to fail was not to start.

Slowly the little voice of doubt in my head was replaced by a quiet confidence. “It’s a good idea. It needs to be written. I can write. “

Support of Friends: Priceless

Fast forward about three—years. Written in spurts and starts, a manuscript was finished. However, the road to publishing meant proposals, query letters,  and  “platform building.” The path was fraught with highs and lows. Not only did my friends give me emotional support, they also critiqued and proofread.

Thanks for helping dreams come true

Thank you to every who has helped my dreams come true.

Would I have persevered without my friends? Maybe. Would it have been harder? Definitely!


To everyone who cheered me on, left a nice comment on this blog, listened to ideas, proofed, read, or critiqued: Thank You!

Your Turn: How Did Your Dreams Come True?

Enough about me. What about your dreams? Think about writing about one of the following questions. (A good example is Katie Groesbeck’s “Following The Yellow Brick Road To My Dreams.”)

  • How have your dreams come true?Have you written about them?
  • What inspires or inspired you to dream?
  • What would put you on cloud nine?
  • Do you dream of accomplishing something?
  • What holds you back? What spurs you on?
  • Who spreads fairy dust in your dreams? In other words, who helps your dreams come true? Who supports you? Who enables you? Whom do you bounce ideas off? Do family believe in you more than you even believe in yourself?
  • How will you make your dreams come true? What’s you plan?
  • Do you have dreams for other people?

Comments? I’d love to hear them!


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