Speaker Topics

Author Laura Hedgecock welcomes the opportunity to speak at your function. Her speaker topics include:Laura Hedgecock Speaker

  • Enriching Family Narratives with Context (for genealogical or writers groups) (aka Better Writing through Research)
  • Storytelling and How to NOT Revise History
  • Beyond Dry Facts: Telling the Stories of Your Ancestors
  • Blogging for Family History
  • Bring Your Family Tree to Life with your Own and Family Stories
  • Choosing the Details: The Secret to Compelling Stories
  • How to Include Yourself in the Family (History) Portrait   (aka Putting the Genealogist in the Frame)
  • How to Leverage Social Media to Accomplish your Family History Goals (developed with Elizabeth O’Neal)
  • How to Write the Stories of Your Life
  • Practical Tools for Family History Writers
  • Productivity Tools for Busy (Family History) Writers
  • Telling and Sharing the Stories of Your Life (also as a 3-part series)
  • Makeover Secrets for a More Beautiful and Functional Blog (developed with Elizabeth O’Neal)
  • Writing Your Family’s History (also as a 3-part series)

Laura’s Genealogical Speakers Guild Members page  includes recent engagements.

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