Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Memories of Me: A Complete Guide to Telling and Sharing the Stories of Your Life


Part One: Getting Started

xxxxxBringing the Treasure Chest to Life

xxxxxRecording Your Memories: Choose Your Medium Well

xxxxxWhen to Write


xxxxxxxxxxWorksheet: Brainstorming Exercise

xxxxxOutlining—To Be or Not to Be

xxxxxKeep Your Dates

xxxxxxxxxxWorksheet: Establishing a Timeline of Events

xxxxxxxxxxSample Worksheet: Establishing a Timeline

xxxxxxxxxx“Half Full” Sample Story with Time References

xxxxxVisual Aids: Enhancing the Readability of your Writing

xxxxxxxxxx“A Day in Africa” Sample Story Without Illustrations

xxxxxxxxxx“A Day in Africa” Sample Story With Illustrations

xxxxxTickling Your Memories

xxxxxTruth and Accuracy

xxxxxMoments versus the Momentous

xxxxxxxxxxWorksheet: Vivid Moments I Remember

xxxxxxxxxxMy Turn: Fleeting, Enduring Memory

xxxxxPutting Memories to Paper

xxxxxxxxxxWorksheet: Word Bank Exercise

Part Two: Idea Bank—Keeping Track of Ideas

xxxxx“Things I Want to Remember”—Leaving Snapshots from your Past

xxxxxxxxxxWorksheet: Brainstorming about Things I Want to Remember

xxxxxxxxxxMy Turn: Things I Want to Remember about Hazel

xxxxxEasy Snapshots in Time

xxxxxxxxxxWorksheet: Compiling an Annual Letter

xxxxxxxxxxMy Turn: Christmas 2004

xxxxxReflections on a Dear Friend

xxxxxxxxxxWorksheet: Reflections on a Dear Friend

xxxxxxxxxxMy Turn: Laura of Laurens

xxxxxWriting about Kids

xxxxxxxxxxWorksheet: A Taste of the Growing Up Years

xxxxxxxxxxWorksheet: Brainstorming about Your Child’s Antics

xxxxxxxxxxMy Turn: Scientific Method to his Madness?

xxxxxTraveling Down Memory Lane: “Come with Me Back to My Childhood Home”

xxxxxxxxxxWorksheet: Brainstorming about a Childhood Home

xxxxxxxxxxWorksheet: Word Bank Exercise for Your Childhood Home

xxxxxxxxxxWriting Guide for “Come with Me to my Childhood Home”

xxxxxxxxxxMy Turn: Come With Me Back to my Childhood Home

xxxxxMemories of Grandparents

xxxxxxxxxxWorksheet: Memories about my Grandparent

xxxxxxxxxxMy Turn: My Grandpa Wilkinson

xxxxxFamily Lore

xxxxxxxxxxWorksheet Brainstorming for Stories of Family Lore

xxxxxxxxxxMy Turn: When Daddy Was a Little Girl

xxxxxFamily Heirlooms

xxxxxxxxxxWorksheet: Identifying Family Heirlooms

xxxxxxxxxxMy Turn: The Little Table

xxxxxFamily Traditions and Recipes

xxxxxxxxxxWorksheet: Brainstorming for Family Traditions and Recipes

xxxxxxxxxxMy Turn: Frozen Treats for the Frozen

xxxxxAnimal Stories

xxxxxxxxxxWorksheet: Brainstorming for Animal Stories

xxxxxxxxxxMy Turn: Paper Route Pogo

xxxxxLessons Learned

xxxxxxxxxxWorksheet: Idea Bank for Lessons Learned

xxxxxxxxxxMy Turn: BFF’s

xxxxxSchool Days

xxxxxxxxxxWorksheet: Idea Bank for School Memories

xxxxxxxxxxWorksheet: School Days Memories in a Word

xxxxxxxxxxMy Turn: The Test I Missed

xxxxxEveryday Questions

xxxxxxxxxxWorksheet: Idea Bank for Everyday Questions

xxxxxxxxxxMy Turn: Does God have Three Feet and Why Can’t He  Keep His Shoes Tied?

xxxxxRecalling Other Childhood Memories

xxxxxxxxxxWorksheet: Brainstorming for Other Childhood Memories

xxxxxxxxxxWorksheet: Idea Bank for Sensory Triggers

xxxxxxxxxxMy Turn: Not-so-Lazy Summer Days

xxxxxSoliciting Material from Relatives

xxxxxxxxxxWorksheet: Questions for Relatives

xxxxxxxxxxMy Turn: ID-ed

xxxxxShare with Me My Sorrow and I’ll Share with You My Joy

xxxxxxxxxxWriting Exercise: “My Life as a River”

xxxxxxxxxxMy Turn: Like the Columns of Old Main

xxxxxConversations from the Past

xxxxxxxxxxWorksheet: Brainstorming Conversations

xxxxxxxxxxWorksheet: Capturing Past Conversations Exercise

xxxxxxxxxxWorksheet: Conversations You Wish You’d Had Exercise

xxxxxxxxxxMy Turn: Conversation in the Car

xxxxxThe Good and the Bad—OK; What about the Ugly?

xxxxxxxxxxWorksheet: Writing about Difficult Times

xxxxxxxxxxMy Turn: Grandma and Me

xxxxxOther Writings

xxxxxxxxxxWorksheet: Idea Bank for Other Writings

xxxxxxxxxxMy Turn: Rosemary’s Legacy

Part Three: The Finer Points

xxxxxLanguage—Gatekeeper for Place and Time

xxxxxxxxxxWord List: Colloquial and Idiomatic Words and Expressions

xxxxxxxxxxWorksheet: Preserving Language Writing Exercise

xxxxxxxxxxMy Turn: God Bless America!

xxxxxVoice—Being Yourself on Paper

xxxxxxxxxxWriting Exercise: Finding Your Voice

xxxxxxxxxxSomeone Else’s Turn: Excerpt from The Dog and the Trip to South Carolina

xxxxxHumor is Always Almost Always Welcome

xxxxxxxxxxWorksheet: Identifying Humor

xxxxxxxxxxMy Turn: Christmas Eve Debacle


xxxxxxxxxxWorksheet: Editing Your Endings

xxxxxxxxxxMy Turn:  “No Comprendo

Part Four: Deeper Reflections

xxxxxLetters to Children

xxxxxxxxxxWorksheet: Letters to Children

xxxxxxxxxxMy Turn: Mother to Daughter

xxxxxRegrets and Premonitions

xxxxxxxxxxWorksheet: Identifying Regrets

xxxxxxxxxxMy Turn: Premonition or Not

xxxxxPrayers and Blessings

xxxxxxxxxxWorksheet: Idea Bank for Prayers

xxxxxxxxxxWorksheet: Writing Blessings for Loved Ones

xxxxxxxxxxMy Turn: Prayers for a Young Man’s Back

xxxxxOther Reflections

xxxxxxxxxxWorksheet: Keep Reflecting

Part Five: Final Considerations

xxxxxWhen to Stop

xxxxxThe Big Reveal

End Matter:

xxxxxRecommended Resources

xxxxxIndex of Worksheets



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