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Scrapbooking Resources neededLooking for scrapbooking resources?  These only scratch the surface, but they’re some of my favorites.

Incorporating Narratives into Your Scrapbook Pages:

When we look back through scrapbooks, we love the artistic pages and the fun photos. What we really yearn for, however, are the stories behind the shots.  Here are some great resources for incorporating journalling and narratives into your pages.

Debbie Hodge is, in my humble opinion, the master at all things scrapbooking and elevates the “story-telling” behind scrapbooking to an art form.  Scrapbooking-Resources-at-Get-it-scarppedTalk about scrapbooking resources! Perusing her site, Get It Scrapped, is definitely worth the time.

A simple, yet beautiful, example of a handwritten narrative on a scrapbook layout: Fall Concert posted on Two Peas in  a Bucket.

Celeste Smith, from Write. Click. Scrapbook features a moving memory of her parents with an old photo.

My Pinterest Scrapbooking and Paper Craft  board has pins of projects I’ve come across that do a good job of sharing memories through scrapbooking or paper crafts.

Digital Scrapbooking Resources

For users of Photoshop or Photoshop Elements: Your First Digital Layout using Photoshop or Elements, posted at  (They also have video tutorials for Photoshop Elements’ users.)

Speaking of which, here’s my own slide share tutorial of creating a digital layout (which, of course, includes a narrative) using PhotoShop Elements:

The Daily Digi not only has tons of wonderful ideas, but very helpful tutorials. Highly recommended for digital scrapbooking beginners.

Laura Alonso Vega has a Digital Scrapbooking Resources Pinterest board packed with ideas and freebies._

Tutorial for Photoshop Elements Paperclipping Roundtable has interviews, ideas, affiliate links, membership options and scrapbooking resources galore. Their membership options allows you to download (and keep) video tutorials.

Digital Scrapbooking Resources for Telling Family and Ancestor Stories

View Digital Scrapbook layouts and tutorials.

Marion Estes “Heritage Scrapbooking” Pinterest Board has beautiful pins with links for those wanting a nostalgic touch.

Debbie Hodges’ post, How to write with narrative and scene in your scrapbook page,”  presents beautiful examples of narratives integrated into a hand-crafted scrapbook page.

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