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It’s beginning to look a lot like Rootstech and you can be a part of the in-person experience with the RootsTech 2023 Free Pass Giveaway.  With Christmas—my favorite time of year—coming to a screeching halt, I’m so happy that we have this fabulous family history conference to look forward to.

It’s not quite the same as pre-COVID, but different might even be better.

You can choose how to attend, In-person or virtually.


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FamilySearch is not going to abandon the virtual RootsTech experience, but they’re also putting on an in-person event in Salt Lake City.  The conference takes place 2-4 March 2023 in Salt Lake City.

The in-person registration includes all the virtual elements plus,

  • 180+ in-person class sessions with Q&As
  • In-person research help at the FamilySearch Library
  • Connect with friends and cousins in person
  • Hands-on sponsor demonstrations in the expo hall
  • Experience Salt Lake City

Why Attend In-Person aka Why Enter my RootsTech 2023 Free Pass Giveaway

No shade meant on the virtual option. It is a great social, networking, and educational opportunity.  However, in my opinion, in-person is better!

  • It is easier to meet other family historians, some of which will become great friends
  • There is something about the RootsTech atmosphere that energizes you for months and months to come
  • You can approach speakers and ask questions
  • It’s fun to see friends from other years
  • The Family History Library is in Salt Lake City and they have extra staff during RootsTech to help you with your research
  • You get all the benefits of a virtual pass
  • The mountains are beautiful

Hotel room view of the mountains

This was my hotel room view of the mountains in 2019. Awesome, huh?

Shortly after RootsTech 2020, I wrote The Story of Me: Reflections on RootsTech 2020 (SLC). Besides being an interesting take less than two weeks before the world shut down, it gives you a taste of the inspiration you can feel after attending.

For a full discussion of the in-person versus virtual pros and cons, see this weeks’ GenFriends episode (I’ll update this with a link on Wednesday).

Why this year might be the best year to start with RootsTech (in-person)

  • It’s three days rather than two. While in my mind, that’s less of a good thing, it also translates into less time off work and away from family commitments, one less night in a hotel, etc.
  • The 2023 experience will be a little less overwhelming in the number of people and classes. (Of course, the price reflects that.)
  • With less crowds, you’ll get more face-time with vendors in the expo hall or with speakers in the classrooms.

Want to find out more?  FamilySearch produces a great video series called “Road to RootsTech” which you can find at

RootsTech 2023 Free Pass Giveaway

Here’s the skinny on the RootsTech 2023 free pass giveaway:

RootsTech has given each ambassador aka “influencer” one complimentary IN-PERSON RootsTech 2023 3-day pass ($98 value) to give away to one of their lucky subscribers or followers during the month of January.  (If it’s successful, there might be a February giveaway, so please spread the word!)

This Free Pass includes the following:

– Access to all on-site classes

– Keynote / General sessions

– Expo Hall

If the winner has already purchased a pass, RootsTech will provide a refund.

NOTE: This pass giveaway does not include transportation costs (airfare, car, etc.), hotel costs, computer labs (these are additional add-ons), meals (including banquets and luncheons), printed syllabus, paid workshops.

Full disclosure: RootsTech’s sponsor, FamilySearch, also give its influencers perks at RootsTech, like a free pass and VIP seating. We do NOT, however, receive a commission on passes sold.

Update:  The contest has been closed. Using RafflePress, I have selected a winner.


Congratulations to Duane graphic for the winner of the Rootstech Free pass giveaway

You can enter multiple #Rootstech Free Pass contests!

Every influencer has the opportunity to run a giveaway. Check out Carolina Girl Genealogy (link coming soon) and A Genealogist in the Archives.  You can also look for giveaways on social media using #Rootstech and #Giveaway.

Before you go, can you do me a quick favor?

This year’s RootsTech theme is “Uniting.”  I’d love to know what that means to each of you.  Please leave a comment below. 

Good Luck.

I hope I see you in Salt Lake City in March.


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