Share a memory of vacation Fathers Day is a great time to share memories with dad, but it’s not the only time you might want to share memories with the father-figure in your life. Whether it’s a dad or granddad that you miss or honoring the man in your life, these memories of these men matter. A simple Google search on “Memory Gifts” will give you tons of ideas for meaningful gifts you can order.

Making gifts is also a wonderful way to share memories with dad. Pinterest (and this website) are great places to find memory sharing ideas. Here are a few of my favorites:

Write an essay, poem, or story

share memories with dad by writing

Writing a poem or essay is a moving way to share memories with dad –and with him too!

Share a memory by preserving it in writing. If you have a nice photo of you and your father, husband,  or grandfather, that would also make a nice companion to your writing, but it isn’t necessary. You (or your kids) could write about

  • His entry into fatherhood
  • What makes (made) him a great father
  • Why he is (was) different from all the other dads
  • Things you don’t want to forget about him
  • What he means to you

Write short thoughts and memories

Take a deck of cards and make each one into a “what I love about you” thought or share a memory on each card. (Use binder rings to keep it together.)  You can take the same idea and make a scrapbook layout or buy a dollar-store mug and use a sharpie. (You have to bake the mug, though.) If you want to make a huge impression, you can tie a piece of paper with a loving thought to the bottom of a balloon ribbon and fill a room with your memories or thoughts.

Use Handprints to Create or Share Memories

hand prints share memories

Preserve and share memories with dad using hand prints.

If the hands around your house  are still little, create dad a craft with a handprint. The photo is one of many that I found at Handprints make great trees and the addition of a handprint is a great way to make a poem special.

Use Photos that Share Memories

There are countless ways to use photographs of special days to preserve and share a memory. Of course, scrapbook layouts of a special day are wonderful, but you don’t have to limit yourself to that.

  • Take a photo of your child wearing his dad’s shoes and/or tie
  • Frame photos of Dad’s kids with a “blurb” of how that child feels about dad superimposed on each photo.
  • Make a memory jar filled with cropped photos of special moments and memories
  • You can decoupage photos on all sorts of things, including an old globe. (You’re our world…)

Want More Ideas on How to Share Memories with Dad?

  • Do Google Searches
  • Search Pinterest with “#fathersday. I haven’t even scratched the surface.
  • Visit my Pinterest Sharing Memories and/or Fathers Day boards

Add Comment Icon Do You Have Other Ideas or Comments?  How do you share memories? Please leave your thoughts.

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