Sharing photos and memories via smartphone Sharing photos and memories shouldn’t be saved for those times that we can sit down and draft a beautiful story or embellish a stunning scrapbook page. It’s easy to make sharing your memories a nearly effortless part of life.

Creating a legacy sounds hard. It isn’t.

Every time you mention a memory or share a photo in a conversation, on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you’re creating a legacy. You’re also strengthening your connections to the people you love.

This came to mind this week as my husband and his male cousins got ready for their Fantasy Football draft. Their emails fly around in our family account, since hubby doesn’t want them on his work account. It’s fine by me; I rather enjoy their banter.

Sharing photos and memories of a motorbikeAfter the initial trash talk about who’s old, what team will perform best, who sucks, etc., the emails changed to the sharing of photos and memories. One cousin attached photos of his two new motorbikes and reminisced about seeing his cousin Bill ride around on a similar one years ago, singing.

Another cousin, the youngest, responded with a memory of his own. After Bill went to college, Tim was allowed to speed through the apple orchards behind his cousin Paul. He thinks this is why he loves motorcycles to this day.

Yet another cousin responded with his memory of an epic crash on that motorbike.

Do you see what happened?

Sharing photos and memories spring board conversations

Technology and social networking have their drawbacks, but you can’t beat them for sharing photos and memories. My husband’s cousin probably didn’t spend more than a couple of minutes attaching the photo and sending his email off to his childhood partners in crime, his cousins.

Especially if you own and are comfortable using your smart phone, it’s nearly effortless. (Hint: See USA Today Article Get Better Photos from Your Smartphone. )

Sharing photos and memories spontaneously strengthen connections

Sharing photos and memories on the fly includes people who aren’t with you and lets them know that they are with you in spirit. Recently, a friend took a couple of us on a tour of his childhood neighborhood in Detroit. His childhood home is still standing, but vacant. The front door swung open in the wind. It took a few minutes to leave his block, because he stopped to take pictures of neighboring homes and messaged them to his childhood buddies. That simple sharing connected him and his friends to their shared past. In fact, over lunch, he got appreciative responses from all over the country.

Similarly, a friend of mine was recently able to spend time with a mutual friend who has moved away. She sent me a selfie of the two of them with a short message. That included me in their girl time and made me feel warm and gooey inside.

Sharing photos and memories without technology

sharing photos and memories via mail
You don’t have to be tech savvy to share. Talking about your memories with your children and other family members is also part of building a legacy. You’re letting them get to know you better.

If you come across an old photo a friend would enjoy reminiscing over, take it with you to your lunch date with him or her. You can also simply write them a note that you’re thinking of that memory and send it to them via Snail Mail.

So, share a memory—via low tech or high-tech means; your memories, old and new, are treasures.

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