When journaling tells a story that narration wouldn’t.

Journaling to tell stories

Journaling is a great tool for telling stories

There are times that journaling does a better job of telling a story than narration does. This is especially true for events that take place over time. As you share your journal entries, you take your readers with you on an adventure of discovery.

We always talk about writing our stories. However, it’s also possible that we already have—that we just have to capture them off social media or a past journal.

A Story Told Through Journaling

My friend Mary recently received a cochlear implant and has been posting updates on Facebook. Rather than explaining how and why journaling works to tell a story, I’ll let you read her posts.

Day 1: The day they turned on her processor.

Today is my most historic day of my life and I am very prepared!

This is a start of a new long road of sounds for me!!!! Now it is squawking sounds I am hearing. My right ear has not heard a sound for over 5 years; it is a whole new world of sounds. Rehab starts today!

Day 2:

Birds tweeting, Indy’s [her dog] whining and still hearing squawking voices-radio and gas [station] cashier. Still a work in progress

Day 3:

Heard a very clear word ‘Meow, meow’ from Happy while she was looking for something interesting on top of our fridge! I am starting to understand words on TV without looking at captions! Very cool techie I have—still amazed!

Day 4:

It is great to know I am not ‘hearing’ things because Flash just got her upgraded CI, same as mine! She confirmed I was hearing what she was hearing! Yay!! I am looking forward for us being a team on my new road!

Day 5:

Finally have a chance to sit down and watch World Cup…. ohhhhhh myyyyy gooooddddnnneeesssss!!!!!! ACCENTS!!!!! I am in love with sounds! I am actually in tears! To be continue with amazing journey….

Did I mention you should have Kleenex ready as you read? Mary’s hearing friends were humbled by how much we have and take for granted. We were so grateful to go on Mary’s journey of hearing with her!

Day 8

Mary sitting at the fence with her dog Indy

Mary sitting at the fence with her dog Indy

… me sitting with our dog, Indy. I saw Indy sitting by the fence, I got curious what she was doing and realized I was hearing what she was listening to so I decided to sit with her. I am a kid in a candy store—I will be in there for a while with this amazing incredible experience!!!

Day 11

Beautiful sunrise I woke up to! I am eager to listen for loons—my favorite bird. Hope they make their rare appearance.

 Day 12

I am sitting here on the porch of my cottage enjoying the patter of rain … I have heard a lot of different birds calling but no loon calling yet! Heard a woodpecker hitting a tree, water lapping on shores, machine guns training at military base not far from here and a whole bunch of cottage sounds. …

 Day 24 (Her latest post)

Horses clopping

Photo credit: TheHenryFord.org

 Still in awe, heard horses clopping against pavement at Greenfield Village [in Dearborn, Michigan]. I thought about my mother when she told me how her milk was delivered to her house by horse drawn milkmen and she missed sounds of horses clopping when she was a young girl. My world of sounds still rockin’ on!.

 Your Turn:

Write your story–through journaling, narration, video, scrapbooking, whatever…. Just tell your story.


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