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Why Write about Pets in Your Memory Narratives?

write about pets as family members

We were the only family in the church directory whose portrait included a pet.

Pets and companion animals lend comfort, unconditional love, dirt, goofiness, dander, and more than a little comedy to their households. If you’ve had pets, they probably played at least a supporting role—and probably a starring role—in some of your memories. That’s why it makes great sense to write about pets in a “Treasure Chest of Memories.”

Compared to the rough roads and ups-and-downs often encountered with our human family and friends, our relationships with our pets are incredibly straight-forward. Imagine going to the pound and picking out a new human friend: “Let’s see, that one’s kind of cute and didn’t immediately bite my face off. I bet that if I am decent to him(her), he(she) will be a loyal companion to me the rest of their life.”

When you write about  pets, you won’t just preserve your memories; your writing will entertain your readers as well as reveal the depths of affection for your furry friend—and  your sense of humor. (It might also reveal why your vet’s kids were able to have such extensive orthodontia, but let’s not dwell on that.)

It’s fine to keep it short.

Memories about your pet don’t have to be long to be entertaining. Often, a simple paragraph will do. (Example:  Swamp Dog Coming Soon?)

Swamp dog Hedgecock

Think back. You probably have stories to tell about one of the following topics.

Adoption Stories:

Start at the very beginning. Did you acquire your pet in an interesting way?  Was your pet a rescue or stray? Did you pick him or her out or did your pet pick you?  Is there a story in his or her name?


Writing about pet encounters

Muskrat love?

Great pets aren’t always “good.” Did your pet ever steal food from the table or counter? Get into the trash? Chase other animals? Chase or herd the kids? Dig “helpfully” in the garden? These adventures make great reading for those of us that don’t have to clean up the mess or take the family out for dinner.


Mishaps can also play an important part of our memories, although they’re not as pleasant to remember.  Did a beloved pet get lost? Get hit by a car? Suffer from car-sickness?  How did this affect you and your family? (Example Bailee Boo)


Did your dog or cat get skunked on your wedding day? (This happened to my neighbor.) Scare the furniture delivery man back into his truck? Whether it’s about an encounter with the UPS, Postman, news carrier or skunk, writing about pets’ encounters often reveals their “personalities.”

Write about pets comedy

It goes without saying that you should include photographs when you write about pets.


Did your pet have extraordinary agility or speed?  What about volume or other vocalization talents? Intelligence (or not)? Go ahead and brag (or lament) a little.

It should go without saying, but I’ll say it anyway:  As always, include photos or images when you have them!

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