One of the big thrills of being a RootsTech Ambassador was getting to spend a few minutes with my cousin (in the Global Family Reunion way) AJ Jacobs.  Author or best-selling books such as A Year of Living Biblically and My Life as an Experiment, AJ also came up with the 2015 concept of a Global Family Reunion. He threw a party and invited all 7 billion people of earth.

AJ Jacobs is a kindred spirit when it comes to family history and storytelling. In fact, it was the fact that the Global Family Reunion offered a storytelling tent that drew me to the event in the first place.

AJ’s approaches writing about life quite differently than most authors. He doesn’t simply translate his life experiences into narrative. He experiments with life, then deconstructs what he learned into compelling reading. An admirable accomplishment as well as a generous life philosophy.

Here’s AJ Jacobs:

Important Takeaways:

AJ Jacobs Interview

Quick photo op with fellow Ambassador, Jenn Alford, AJ Jacobs and me.

  • It’s All Relative should be in bookstores by 2017.
  • There will also be a 2017 Global Family Reunion.
  • Even for best-selling authors, writing is therapeutic.

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