How do you gather momentum for the new year in the bleak mid-winter?

Momentum for the nEW year

Remember riding your bike when you were young? Starting out downhill, pedaling like mad to gather speed and momentum for the hill ahead? You don’t have to dust your bike off (though if you’re able, it’s a great idea) to approach the new year with passion. There are other ways to store up emotional energy and keep a healthy cadence rather than a half-hearted slog during the winter months.

Try the following in addition to the tried-and-true procrastination busters.

Join and Attend

Nothing knocks inertia off its throne like enthusiasm and accountability. You’ll gather both if you join up with others pursuing the same goals.

Writing Momentum for the New Year

Retreats and Critique Groups

12 new chapters in the new yearOne of the best decisions I made in 2016 was joining the Detroit Working Writers Critique Group.  I love meeting with fellow writers once a month, comparing progress, and getting great input on my projects. In addition to identifying some of my writing foibles, I hear “Keep going,” and “Can’t wait to read what comes next.” What a rush!

Full disclosure: I haven’t attended a writing retreat, but my friends that have come back with new material and fresh ideas.  You can also create your own retreat or critique group. All you need is a couple of writing buddies!

Family History Momentum

Join your local genealogical society.

You’ll continually learn about new resources and as well as what you can glean from old ones. What’s more, genealogical society members love to help each other out. They’ll have some ideas on that brick wall you’re facing.

Attend Rootstech.

Rootstech 2017 logo

Don’t miss RootsTech.  Each year, the world’s largest family history conference takes place in Salt Lake City.

You’ve heard it from me enough that I probably sound like a broken record. That’s not because I get in free with my Ambassador badge. It’s because it energizes me like nothing else.  Whether it’s researching, DNA testing, new technology, photo archiving, or storytelling, the expertise and the energy is there.  (See RootsTech Genealogy Conference: Why You Should Go for more details on what’s in it for you.)  And if you’re imagining a bunch of boring professor types running the sessions, think again. Some may be professors, but they come from fascinating backgrounds, like popular genetic genealogist CeCe Moore.

Rejuvenate Yourself

That’s partially what you’re doing as your join and attend, but you can also do it on your own. Find what inspires you. What makes your heart sing and include those things in your life. A walk in the park, time with the kids, whatever.  Just as you parent best when you’re happy, your creativity will peak when you’re spirit is nourished.

Your turn:

What have I missed? How do you gain momentum?  Let me know in the comments.

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