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This week’s Prompt: Song

My song This prompt is too rich in metaphors for a five minute session! Cue the dramatic, frenetic music!

My life is a song. It’s a pretty good one, in my opinion, but I’m not sure I deserve the credit. I have a Master that helps me compose.

It’s not a song written for performance or a Grammy. My song is just the tune that is me.

Like all lives, it has moments of harmony. Like all lives, it has its moments of discord. Even the unexpected discord is important, driving a longing for resolution into a new harmony.

My song's score New voices in my life contribute to the texture and complexity of the harmony.  Some voices blend quite easily.  Other voices maintain their individual tones, yet work somehow–contributing to the whole. Counter melodies race through my song.  Is that my self-doubt or is my acceptance of diversity and different?

Of course, there are transitions. Gratuitous key changes.  Complex movements that crescendo. Counterpoints. Tempos change. Energy shifts.

I don’t always learn my lessons well the first time, so my song boasts more than a few codas.  My choruses are my family and loved one.  They are the themes that bring me joy with each refrain.

My instrumentation varies with my mood. Sometimes the kettle drums are a little too much, foreshadowing the could-be’s.  Luckily, I have my husband to dampen them when need be.  Sometimes he even manages to give the percussionist a night off.

My song is filled with dynamics and played with expression.  It’s often loud, but will go down to the softest pianississimo. A kiss. Eye contact. Treasured private moments.

I don’t know how my song will end.  I feel like I’m still learning the tune and writing the words.

© Laura Hedgecock 2013

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