Rootstech 2020 Day one wrap

Retrospective and Looking Forward

In the ten-year anniversary, FamilySearch is rewarding those of us that attending year-after-year can remember the awesome keynote speakers we’ve enjoyed.

However, even more hoopla accompanied the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT.

Ready for ROund 2

That’s right. They’ve decided that Rootstech London was a success. One worth repeating.

RootsTech London registration is opening today at a special early bird price of only £79 for a full conference pass. One day passes will be available for only £39.

Focus on Presonal Stories

If you ask me, of course personal stories are part of the family story. But, I’m not the genealogist norm. (Riff your own jokes here.)

RootsTech has a lot bigger soap box than I do and welding it for good. They’re showing moving videos, inspirational messages, and showing and telling their own stories.

Educational Sessions are RootsTech’s Bread and Butter

Director of Events, Jen Allen says that the most critical piece of all the moving parts that result in a conference that attracts fourteen thousand people is the educational break-out sessions.

If other attendees are like me, the problem is choosing which session to attend. Obviously, the more you know, the harder it is to find new information.  But you can probably learn a thing or two from each one.

Final Word

It’s shaping up to be an exciting four days.

Rootstech 2020 Day 1 Celebration



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