Blog Hop Scrapbook Tutorial Today’s post is part of the June Blog Hop and offers a scrapbook tutorial for my interpretation of our “What June Means to Me…” theme.

What does June mean to you? We hope our interpretations will provide you with some inspiration. If you’re coming from Cindy Murray’s Crafty Neighbor blog at, you’re at the right place.


What does June Mean to Me?

June is the hardest month of the year for me, mostly because of a juxtaposition of happy and sad events.

Eloping but not calling off the wedding: Twenty-five years ago, on June 10, 1988, my husband Matt and I eloped.  I’d always wanted a Christmas wedding, but life and traditional values were making that dream complicated. I was being relocated from Chicago to Racine, WI; we wanted a marital commitment before setting up house; and my lease was up. We took a half-day off work and went to the Cook County courthouse. A random bystander was our witness.

The deaths of my parents: June 10, 1998 –ten years later to the day, I got a life-changing phone call. While vacationing in Alaska, my parents were in an automobile accident. Both were killed instantly.

And family things: graduations, soccer try-outs, tennis try-outs, Father’s Day, not getting up as early, gardening, catching butterflies and lightning bugs.

Fifteen years later, what pulls (and keeps) all these things together?

My husband Matt! Every June, I feel an enormous amount of gratitude for the fact that this man doesn’t just put up with me, but seems to enjoy having me in his life.

What June Means to Me

Read the narrative: it’s what makes the photos make sense. “You laugh at my dumb jokes. You listen. You cheer me up when I’m sad, tired, in pain, or anxious. You hold my hand on walks through the neighborhood and trips around the world. You’ve shared my best days and my worst days. You’re my best friend and partner. You’re my rock and my sanity. You’re my home. “

Scrapbook Tutorial:

Scrapbook Tutorial Customizing Template

This time I started using a layered Photoshop template–coincidentally part of my prize, called Lifted Layers Template Set. The template will work in Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Paintshop Pro, and Gimp.

Scrapbook Tutorial Step One: Customizing the Template

The template I chose wasn’t quite what I wanted, so I renamed the document and rearranged it to my liking. (Note: You can select a group of layers to move together by using the shift key.) Rather than deleting any unwanted layers, I simply deselected them, giving me the option of changing my mind.

Tutorial insert photo Scrapbook Tutorial Step 2: Inserting Photos

In this template, there is a photo, frame, and shadow for each photo placeholder. To insert a photo into the template, move the photo layer directly above the photo shape. If you press the alt button, you’ll see a connected symbol that looks like interlocked rings as you hover your mouse between the two layers. A simple click inserts the photo in that frame.

The vertical frames on the left are designed to frame only one photo. I inserted my middle photo as normal, but had to “cheat” the top and bottom photos. Scrapbook Tutorial erase to fit I pulled my photographs under the frame layer and then used my eraser tool to reduce it to the exact dimensions of the frame.

Scrapbook Tutorial Step 3: Adding narrative and titles

I wrote my narrative in MS Word and simply pasted it into a text box. I choose “I’m a fashionista” and Myriad Pro fonts. I used two separate text boxes for the title so that I could place the two lines of text more precisely.

Scrapbook Tutorial Step 4: Adding backgrounds and embellishments

Because my husband I and lived in Europe for a few years and traveled every chance we got, I choose a world map that I had made into a background. On top of that, I layered a PSE background called “Beige Scratched” set at 63% opacity. I used the same background to clip to the bottom “banner” shape as my narrative background. I chose not to add any further embellishments, but you certainly could if you wanted.

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