Things you might not know about me

One of the things you might now know about me is that I love being a soccer mom.

I’m preparing an informal workshop for my launch party tomorrow. It’s a fun version of “Things you might not know about me.” It belatedly occurred to me that it might make a good blog post.

Things that Everyone Should Know About Me

I’m not much of a mystery woman. I wear my heart on my sleeve. But, because I tend to start my paragraphs in the middle—even in conversations—it would be helpful for people to know so basic things about me.

I’m a writer, nature freak, dog freak, and talker—wait, did you want to get a word in edgewise? A reader. A friend—good friend to most, I think. I’m distractible—probably even diagnosably ADHD and so is the rest of my family. I love to laugh and often forget myself and laugh to loud. If something’s really funny, I snort. So don’t say anything really funny to me in front of my boys. They’re find my propensity to snort embarrassing.

On a more serious note, I have a strong faith, though I do wonder about this whole system of being left behind when someone dies. I love my family, especially when they’re kooky or dorky.

My faults are pretty obvious. I worry too much. I have self-esteem issues. My house is a wreck.

Things You Might not Know about Me

Of course, I’ll lead my workshop attendees through a somewhat logical progression of things that others might now know about them. Here’s a random romp through some things about me that seem important today:

My sister is the only family member I have on my dad’s side of the family. That’s important because she’s on her way up from South Carolina to be here for my book launch party tomorrow. I’m glad she wants to come, because I really need her to be here.

THings you might not know about me: Friends

Some of my friends are more like family

Some of my friends count as family. I wish the English language had words for that.

I hate contentiousness. I’m happy to agree to disagree, but I don’t want to argue. Unless you’re my kid, in which case I’ll argue, and then get mad at you for causing me to lose my temper.

Things I Don’t Really Admit to Myself

This is the most challenging approach to “Things you might not know about me.” It’s a level of sharing that worth thinking about. Not only is it therapeutic to have an introspective look at yourself. When you share these “secrets,” you connect.

Me? I like research. I can be obsessive. I’m smarter than I act. Despite the fact that I’m a writer, I’m bad at sending cards.

 Your Turn:

What should others know about you? Try your own version of “Things you might not know about me…”

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