Setting and sometimes even keeping Goals and Resolutions Graphic with sparklers in backgroundAs I hear complaints that the gym parking lot is too full and watch my friend fill her grocery cart with kale, I marvel at the magic of January. The benevolent mass hysteria of setting goals and resolutions seems to hold such power. At first.

It’s not the date, per se. The Times Square ball dropping, like the proverbial shoe dropping in our lives, results in an abrupt awareness of time.

Time (proper noun Time) has marched forward and taken another stronghold. Its consumption of another whole year, causes us to analyze our goals and progress towards them. We resolve, or in my case, re-resolve, to do better.

Will setting, and realigning goals result in actual changes in our lives? Maybe that doesn’t matter.

(On a related note, I hope everyone has added “Write more of my memories and stories” at the top of their list of New Year’s resolutions.)

Why Resolutions and Goals Help – Even if you don’t keep them

It’s good to look back over the roads of good intentions in your life. Frequent back checks make it easier to adjust your navigation if you’ve gone off-course. Perhaps you’ve missed a road or two, but the detour is just down the block.

Write about Setting Goals and Resolutions.

Where am I going with this? You got it—Write about how you set goals and resolutions. Do you just pull out last year’s list and put a new date at the top? Do you often set yourself up for failure with over-ambitious goals?

These things make great writing prompts and are valuable jewels in your Treasure Chest of Memories. They reveal what matters to you, as well as some of your inner workings. Perhaps your loved ones think of you as the one that always has it together. Think how empowering it will be for them to know that your “togetherness” comes at a cost.

Staying on course

What tools do you use in setting goals and resolutions? Photo credit: Krzysztof Szkurlatowski

Starting Points

Do your life circumstances constantly require you to change your goals? Are you still in the process of figuring it all out?

Maybe it’s not so much a process of achieving your goals as it is discerning what you want in the first place.


On the other hand, is it less a matter of fitting into your skinny jeans as putting on your big girl pants. Do you need the annual life inventory to stay on track?

Does that hard-to-come-by resolute feeling, give you renewed emotional energy? With the passage of time, goals become more like a glimmer on the horizon. A resolution makes them more palpable. When has setting goals and resolutions resulted in change in your life? When has it simply kept you on track?

Purposefulness and Stock-taking

It’s not always about doing more. I’m not talking about eating less. Sometimes we look back and realize that glimmering goal on the horizon was just a mirage. We were sabotaged from the start. Accomplishing too much might result in a diminished quality of life or even burn out.

Perhaps you want to spend your leisure time with a book in your lap instead of your company’s laptop. Perhaps you want to spend more time outdoors, even if it means buying a warmer coat and getting a dog.

Your Turn:

It is your turn. What resolutions have you made this year? How are you doing in regard to your progress towards your goals? Analyze your resolutions and goals for your loved ones.

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