Notepad to write that down “You’ve got to write that down!” it’s usually directed at the parents of an adorable tot. Kid’s and the things they say do provide tons of fun memories! (See Writing—not bragging—about kids.)

But it’s not just kids that say the darnedest things. All of us do. And we all think we’ll remember it forever, but few of us do.

Write that down as you go

Relieve yourself of the burden of remembering things later. Make “Write that down” your mantra. Write yourself notes about things as they happen: Your teen’s hilarious repartee, your friends’ snarky comment, the incident you witnessed, the epiphany your finally realized…

You don’t have to have a concrete idea (aka a clue) how you’re going to use your ideas for it to be worth taking notes about what you see or hear. Seriously. Just jot yourself notes so you have something to come back to later.  Keep a page in your phone or a piece of paper (or spiral notebook) handy to keep track of funny or insightful things people say.

You can also save text messages. Snap a quick screen shot and you’ll have it next time you need it.  (Example: Text Conversation)

What you can do with what you’ve written down:

1.  Write and tell stories.

Share them and connect with others. ‘Nuff said. If not, peruse some of my other posts.

2. Create a retrospective

A montage of the things group members said and did makes a great retrospective at year’s (or season’s) end. At the end of a sports season, these quotes are fun to review at the celebration dinner or banquet.

If your group is your family, you can also use these quips and antics to assemble your year end holiday letter.

3. Generate Great Photo Captions

Write that down melted plastic

What do you use to clean your stove top when someone melts the bottle of cook top cleaner onto it?

The punch-line, especially if you’ve told the story far and wide, can make a great photo caption. Are there things that one person is wont to say? These too make great captions.

Don’t be afraid of inside humor. Besides, too much explaining it might spoil the punch line. For instance, my son once played for a coach that celebrated wins by eating fried chicken after games. Soon “I want some fried chicken tonight, boys!” was shortened to “Fried Chicken, boys!”  Of course pictures of him yelling were captioned “Fried Chicken.”

4. Preserve Great Memories

To me that’s the most important reason to “Write that down!” Even if the odd quips don’t turn out to be the most precious jewels in your collection, all of us like getting baubles.

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