Memorable Mother's Day Gfit Idea

Finding mom a memorable Mother’s Day gift

Mothers deserve meaningful gifts, but it’s tough to come up with original ideas year after year. Just in time for Mother’s Day, here are seven memorable Mother’s Day gift ideas that won’t break the bank. And, you can get them done by Sunday.

What makes a Memorable Mother’s Day Gift?

Have you seen #avacuumcleanerisnotagift on Twitter? Though Mother’s Day sales are great for buying household gifts, beware. Think about what your mother or wife values and how they would prefer to spend their time.

1. Spend Time with Mom

Deepen your connection. Spend time with your mom or mother–and not just on Mother’s Day. Plan an activity for both of you so that you can make memories together. You can take her out golfing, to a concert, or picnic in the park.

2. Help her Splurge on Herself

Some of the most memorable Mother’s Day gifts are thoughtful ones. Is there a product that she’s had her eye on but decided was too expensive? You don’t have to buy her a new car for your gift to matter. You can get her a gift card to splurge on expensive coffee or buy a more expensive brand for her to use at home. That bottle of lotion that costs $20 could make a thoughtful gift.

3. Honor Mom’s Memories

There are countless ways to make your mom’s (or wife’s) memories into a tangible gift. For instance, children’s drawings can be made into jewelry or ticket stubs can be made into throw pillows. You can see my Gifts That Matter Pinterest board inspiration and instructions.

Make a Gift: Even if you’re a little old for handprints, there are many DIY gifts that will be a hit. Simply putting a photo of your mom and you together in a frame will be thoughtful.

Have a Gift Made: Not everyone’s handy. Find a local artist or shop online to buy Mom a handcrafted gift.

4. Honor the Family’s Heritage

Memorable Mother's Day Gift

A handmade gift with flowers makes a memorable Mother’s Day gift. Photo credit: Giniminigi


You can give mom a family tree gift (find ideas here) or a gift from her hometown. Especially if she lives far away, even inexpensive food items will make memorable Mother’s Day gifts.

5. Honor Mom’s Hobby or Avocation

Creative gifts, such as a coffee mug that looks like a camera lens for a photographer, are sure to make her smile. Again, thoughtfulness is a function of putting yourself in her shoes and thinking how she would like to spend her time. You could also facilitate her hobby by getting her tennis racket restrung or her bike tuned up.

6. Support Mom’s Cause

Make a donation in Mom’s name to a cause that matters to her. You can sign up to walk or run in a fund-raiser that is near to her heart.

7.  Help her Share her Stories

Show your mom or wife that you care about the stories of her past. Buy her a copy of Memories of Me: A Completed Guide to Telling and Sharing the Stories of Your Life. The gift will come back to you as you learn more about her.

Bonus: Give Flowers

Though not original, you can never go wrong including flowers on Mother’s Day–especially if they’re accompanied by another memorable Mother’s day gift.

Your Turn:

What are you getting your Mom this Mother’s Day?

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