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Since you’re here, you might as well start with #11! Infographic used with permission.

If a well-respected genealogical website said you should read this blog (and 13 others), would you follow instructions?  I hope so, since that’s what Crestleaf’s blog is saying.

In my new favorite post, Crestleaf lists 14 Blogs You Might Not Be Reading but You Should! Of course, it should be pointed out, that when it comes to Crestleaf, I’ve been preaching to the choir. They offer a system by which you can put your photos into context and digitize your stories.

To make it doubly nice, they’ve saddled me with some great company. Join me in checking out all these blogs that make it easier to tell your own and your family’s stories.

Thanks Crestleaf!

If you’re landing here for the first time, the related links below make some great starting points.

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