Fall memories of playing in the leaves

This photo brings back great memories of my mom spending hours playing in the leaves with my son.

What fall memories are special to you? Chances are that you can revive, if not re-live, a lot of them. Here are some ideas on immersing yourself in fall and fall memories. After all, the more you remember, the easier it is to share. Have fun!

Fall Leaves

As adults responsible for lawn care and not irritating the neighbors, we forget how much fun it used to be to rake leaves. That’s because we’d jump in them, hide in them, and generally make a bigger mess than the leaves themselves made. To bring back those fall memories you just need a rake and some leaves. If you don’t see yourself jumping into them, invite a neighborhood child or a relative. They’ll probably be more than happy to oblige.

You can also take a walk through a park to enjoy the changing colors in nature. Sit by a pond and drink in the colors reflecting in the ripples. Pick out a favorite tree and check back on it as fall progresses.


If you live in the USA, fall football is as close as your nearest high school or college. Take in a game and cheer until you’re hoarse. It’ll bring the fall memories back—including the memories of how cold those benches can be and the fact that your team doesn’t always win.

Pumpkin Carving and Decorating for Halloween

Fall Memories of Halloween

When creativity fails, you can always dress up the dog!

Just because those little kits with the special saws and templates are all the rage, doesn’t mean you have to use them. You can (It’s kind of fun), but you can also use your favorite knife from your kitchen and carve the traditional triangular features. You can do it by yourself or round up whatever kids are handy and start sawing.

If you have the energy, deck out the porch or yard for trick-or-treaters. If you don’t get much Halloween traffic, you can also find a local “Trunk or treat” to participate in. You just decorate your car’s trunk or lift-gate and give out treats to little ones trick-or-treating from car to car in a designated parking lot.  It can even be fun to deck out yourself as well. Even a funny hat can make the proceedings more fun.

Orchard-fresh Apples

Fall memories of apple orchardsDo you have fond memories of going to the apple orchard to pick your apples? You can still do that. Even if you’re not up to taking the hayrides to the trees of your choice and roaming through acres, you can still take a field trip to the orchard or a cider mill. Splurge on some donuts too and soon all those happy fall memories will come rushing back.

Be a kid

Many of our fondest memories came out of our childlike approach to fall. Someone else was taking care of the details; we just enjoyed. That’s not a feeling that’s easy to recapture. However, we can stop ourselves when we’re being too adult, worrying too much about the mess, or stressing over the details. Just have fun. Build a bon-fire, eat apple pie, watch birds migrating south, plant bulbs, and pull on your favorite jeans. Find a companion to take with you on a drive in the country or hayride. Bake pumpkin bread with chocolate chips.  You get the idea.

If you’re fortunate enough to have young kids around, take time to enjoy the season with them. Tinkerlab.com has some great ideas in Capture Fall Memories with Kids.

Bask in the Fall Memories

First and foremost, enjoy your fall memories. Second, share them. Talk to your loved ones, journal, or write about them.

What are your favorite fall memories? How would you re-live them? How would you share them?

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