Remember the Romance Scrapbook Tutorial When we think about romance, we think about young love—star-crossed lovers and all that. We often forget to honor the enduring relationships. When you remember the romance, don’t forget to remember the long-term love affairs of older family members.

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My Project

Remember the romance of enduring marriage

My layout remembers the romance of my grandparents’ 47 year marriage.

This is a digital project, perfect for digital scrapping beginners. Adding layers digitally is analogous to adding paper layers. The biggest difference is that you can change your mind with no glue residue. It’s perfect for the indecisive! If you’re a true newbie, see my tutorial and resources.

I use PhotoShop Elements (PSE) 10, but you can accomplish these steps with other software packages, including GIMP. GIMP is open source software that you can download free at You can also use the same concepts for a traditional (paper) scrapbook page.

Remember the Romance Narrative:

“Remember the Romance” is a misnomer of a title for a story of my grandparents. I never heard the story. To my knowledge, no one wrote it down. Genealogical research has, at least thus far, failed to reveal where they met, how they met, or their marriage date.

Their “story” is my mystery. I simply wrote what little I do know. Luckily, I do have photographs of them, so I chose to use a photo of them in their youth as well as one much later in life.

My Steps

Remember the romance setting layer transparency

By setting the transparency of layers back, you can incorporate colors and designs of different backgrounds

I started with a blank 12 x 12” page, with the resolution set to 300. I used elements from a Heritage kit by Robyn Gough along with other embellishments I had from previous projects. I liked the color of one background and the design on the other, so I used them both. I set the transparency of the second background image back to 54%.

I added the text, backing it with a piece of lace to make it stand out from the background.

Next, I added the two pictures to frames that were in the kit. (For directions, look back at Scrapbook Tutorial: What June Means to Me.)

Looking at the layout, it still seemed to beg for a little more of a story.  I found public domain sheet music for “Feather my Nest,” a song about getting married that was popular in 1920. (In other words, if I can’t remember the romance, I’ll imagine it!) I added a strip of the music over the foreground of my “young” grandparents’ photo. (For directions on how to clip an image to a shape look back at my “Make a Wish” tutorial.)

Remember the romance with glitter

Adding a glitter effect to my Remember the Romance title

For the title, I wanted to tweak the capital letters in “Remember the Romance.” To do this, I made separate text boxes for the R’s using the font Mutlu, then simplified those layers. I used the eraser tool to tone down some of the curly cues. Since my photo frame had a glittery edge, I added a glitter effect to the R’s as well, using Filter -> Add Noise. (The rest of the letters are a **chocolate kiss** brown in Imprint MT Shadow font.)

From there it was a simple matter of selecting embellishments to finish the page. To achieve more depth, I selected each layer and added a drop shadow. (Layer -> Layer style -> Style settings -> Drop Shadow)

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