Rootstech 2016 Exhaustion and RejuvenationInevitably—or at least nearly so—bloggers post summaries of their RootsTech experiences. Speaking and serving as a RootsTech 2016 Ambassador has been a whirlwind. I learned a lot and met a ton of wonderful people. It’d be nice to tie it up with a nice bow as I leave Salt Lake City.

Rootstech 2016 bag and badge

Is the RootsTech 2016 experience really over?

On the other hand, it seems inappropriate.

Summaries feel like something has ended. And, although the conference is over—and I have the weariness to prove it—in many ways it hasn’t ended.

RootsTech 2016: Exhaustion and Rejuvenation

Looking back over the four-day conference, I feel both exhaustion and rejuvenation. Don’t get me wrong. My body was fatigued—even my Fitbit was tired. On Saturday around 3 pm, my brain simply stopped absorbing information. It protested with the over-flow of sensory input as well. Too many people, sights, sounds, voices, …

ROotsTech 2016 Laura with AJ Jacobs and Carol RiceOn the other hand, I’m also re-energized. I have great ideas on future posts, storytelling ideas to share, as well as interviews with Paula Madison and A.J. Jacobs to post.

My brain is full of new ideas and the neurons are firing in about 1000 different directions. (Full disclosure: That’s only partly RootsTech; my brain tends to work that way.) I’ll follow more blogs. Re-examine notes made during presentations.

When it comes to my own family history research, there’s about a gazillion new apps and websites I want to try. I was already in the market for a 2 TB external hard drive. Might as well get an internal one as well.

I’ve gotten the smallest of purchases on genetic genealogy. The metaphor of a rock climber comes to mind. Right now, I only understand enough to get a few feet off the ground, but as I watch others make headway, I feel confident that I will too.

RootsTech is like Storytelling

The conference emphasized family. Family Connections. Family stories. Family memories. Family research. Family Health.

Stories comes in fits and start. Sometimes the best way to rejuvenate our storytelling is to immerse ourselves in an experience.

So, for me, the RootsTech 2016 conference and ambassadorship, are only partly over. I’ve left Salt Lake City, but there will be much more to come.

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