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Those times when you knew what you were doing was right make great stories!

Have you ever had moments of extreme confidence—times in which you knew that what you were doing was right? As a person who, on her best days, still lacks confidence, such occasions of complete certainty have been relatively rare. On the other hand, the scarcity of those times makes them doubly precious.

The circumstances of knowing what you were doing was right make for great stories to share and pass down. They can give your readers great insight into your personality. I had one of those moments came when I decided to run a bone marrow drive. My parents had both donated tissue posthumously. Comforting as that was to my sister and I, I didn’t want to wait to donate. I wanted to do something to bring hope to a cancer victim and their family.

I worked to pull the drive together with a faint sense of déjà vu. I didn’t exactly feel like I was reliving something, but it did feel like my actions were pre-ordained. They were right. I was doing what I was supposed to be doing. Even before I received permission to promote the drive at my church and my kids’ school, in my mind those things were done deals.

It’s not like I was carried away on a wave of supporters. Although my husband was supportive (read that story), many other people were skeptical.

What you were doing was right bone marrow I’ve often wondered where I got the drive for that drive. My normal modus operandus would be to do it, but with lots of doubts and second thoughts. Instead, I was absolutely sure of what I was doing.

As far as I know, only one person was “matched.” That transplant wasn’t completely successful and the donor opted not to undergo a second procedure. On the other hand, I learned a lot and saw all sorts of different levels of generosity and bravery. I also received great insight about the role self-doubt normally played in my life.

When did you know what you were doing was right?

Enough about me. When did you know—with absolute certainty—what you were doing was right? Topics can range from choosing a home or school to starting a family or coming out of the closet.

Describe the situation.

How did you come to want or need to make the decision or choice? Did you have many options, or was your decision an either-or decision? Include any backstory. Did you go about deciding the way you normally would, or was something different? Explain what it was that made you sure what you were doing was right.

Describe other influences.

Did you have confidants or someone that inspired you? Were there other extenuating circumstances that affected your decision?

Describe the reactions you received.

Did friends and loved ones understand your actions? Did they support them? Were reactions what you expected them to be? How did this make you feel?

Describe what you learned.

What did you learn about yourself? What about the people around you? What would you advise someone in the same circumstances?

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