When I was a kidUsing the “When I was a kid…” prompt is a quick and easy way to share your memories. There’s even  a twitter meme (theme) for “When I was a kid…”:  #whenIwasakid. It’s fun to read some of the posts. (If you want to read some, just go to https://twitter.com/searchadvanced and type in “#wheniwasakid” in the search field.)

Some of my favorites are those posted by younger people. Maybe that’s because they’re more in touch with how childhood felt. They remember things like jumping from couch to couch, pretending the floor was lava.

How would you finish the sentence, “When I was a kid….”?

Finishing the prompt may not tell an entire story or memory, but it will give hints to what your childhood was like.  It also gives insight into what you, as a child, were like. Plus, it’s fun!  Use it as a journal prompt, a tweet, or simply a conversation starter at the dinner table.

When I was a kid at the beach Simple pleasures

Case in point: @Mack_Daddy_Leel posted “… I used to love when they turned the water hydrant on.” Though I don’t know this person at all, his tweet has piqued my curiosity. Who turned the water on? How often? Did he grow up in an inner city setting?

One of my favorites would be catching “lightning bugs,” as we called them. Thinking back, I realize that the fact that I was out catching fireflies meant several good things were happening at once. It wasn’t oppressively hot or storming, I was up late, and someone was out with me, because I don’t remember catching them alone.

Pop Culture

“… courage [sic] the cowardly dog used to creep me out” was posted by @AriannaMcNelli.

Ok, I’ll admit it. When I was a kid, I was deathly afraid of the Abominable Snowman. Worse still: My dad and granddad convinced me that the Abominable snowman couldn’t get through window screens, so we were safe.

What pop culture icon loomed large (pun intended) for you?


When I was a kid I thought...This one separates the sheep from the (old) goats! Squidward, MacGyver, or Mr. Ed?

Tweeter @TheRealNimoy (I’m not sure if he is.) posted “… Lone Ranger was on radio. I wanted to be Tonto”


“…I’d pretend to hit walk off home runs in game 7 of the World Series” posted @BasebaIIDreamz. I know my kids dreamed of World Cup glory. What did you dream of as a kid?

Your TurnAdd Comment Icon

I’d love to read how you’d finish the “When I was a kid prompt….” In the comments below. Don’t think too much; what’s the first thing that comes to mind?



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