12 August writing prompts for adults and Kids

Why August writing prompts?  August is a great time to free-write. It’s a time of year that beckons to our emotional undersides.

There’s a bitter sweetness to August here in the northern hemisphere. It’s still summer—flowers blooming, birds chirping, lightning bugs flashing, swimming pools open…  But we feel a heaviness in the air (besides the humidity).  Summer is drawing to a close. The days are getting shorter. Even for those of us long out of school, the Back to School subdues the joy of summer. There’s a timer on the relaxing and fun.

Because it’s also time to pivot kids into thinking about school, August is a great time to share family writing prompts.  The family has had similar experiences, but each member will have a slightly different take on what happened. As you do this, you’ll help your kids develop strong writing skills as you hone your own.

August Writing Prompts for Kids and Adults

  • Describe your summer vacation. (Or lack of one, in 2020. This is also a great Corona virus prompt.) Where did you go? Is this where you would have normally gone? Where would you go if you could?
  • Who were your most steadfast summer companions? Did you meet new friends? Try new activities? Describe them.
  • How were you a good friend this month?
  • Where did you spend your summer? Describe it as if you were talking to someone who’d never been to your country. What is it like?
  • What’s your favorite August produce? Does it grow where you live? How do you like to eat it? Fresh off the bush or vine, on sandwiches, in salads? Did you or your family have a garden? What did you plant? How was your harvest?
  • What do you like about being outdoors this time of year? What do you not like?
  • Does August bring changes to the rhythms of your life? This could include school starting, Fall starting, days shorter, different bedtime, back-to-school shopping…
  • What are some of your favorite sounds of summer? If you’re not sure, sit outside for a little while, then write about what you hear. Note which ones sooth you, which sounds make you curious, and which ones—like leaf blowers—don’t make good background noises.
  • Did something happen this August that will stay with you a long time? (World events to a sibling moving out of the house) Did you find it inspiring? Disturbing? Heartbreaking? Explain why it made you feel that way.
  • What are some things you’ll miss about summer? What are you looking forward in fall?

August Memories

Think back on previous summers. (Adults can look back on their own childhoods.) What did you and your family/siblings do each August?

If you had to pick just one, what would be your favorite memory from this summer

Photo prompt

Free write about the photograph below.

12 August writing prompts photo inspiration copyright Laura Hedgecock

Your turn:

12 August writing prompts pinnable imageWhat August writing prompts would you suggest?


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